Our Mission

To proclaim God’s glory through knowing Jesus Christ and making Him known.

Vision 2020

To be a disciple-making church, rooted in Christ, impacting lives.


Every Calvarian to be "GIFT"-ed:

  • Grounded in the Word - To treasure the Bible as the foundation of our lives, and know how to rightly handle it.

  • Influencing others for Christ - To be faithful witnesses who share the Gospel with others.

  • Fulfilling God's call - To be joyfully and wholeheartedly obedient to God's commands in every area of our lives.

  • Transformation to Christlikeness - To be continually transformed by the working of the Holy Spirit.

Three focus areas form part of V2020:

  1. Building strong families. Learning to love and serve our families by developing a biblical understanding of manhood, womanhood, singlehood and marriage, and parenting.

  2. Building community outreach competencies. To be a welcoming community that brings the Gospel beyond our walls, and shares God’s love with the diverse demographics we serve.

  3. Building spiritual leadership. To develop a culture of mentoring and discipleship in our church, and raise a next generation of godly leaders.