Electric Kids' Company (EKC)


We pray that our children will enjoy a personal relationship with Jesus through knowing His Word and living it out, and that they will display Christ-like character and reach out to those who may not yet know Jesus.

The EKC Sunday School programmes on Sunday comprise a time of worship through action filled songs, lessons on prayers, Bible stories and craft activities with other children.

Throughout the year, Special Sunday programmes are organised for the children to foster good behaviour and regular attendance.

Advent programmes are also celebrated through unique Easter and Christmas plays.

- Sunday, 8.45am: Nursery (Newborn to 2.5 years old) and Early Builders (K1 to P6)
- Sunday, 11.15am: Electric 11 (K1 to P6), Nursery (Newborn to 2.5 years old) and Twinklers (2.5 to 4 years old)

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